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Will I save money if I build my own home?

Building your own home may look like the cheaper, more effective option when looking at the process from a birds-eye-view. However, we have a different perspective of this process (as you could have guessed). Check out our Creating Customs blog post to find out more >>

How do you structure your consulting fees?

Homes of Distinction works on a cost-plus basis, the cost of your house plus our consulting fee. We offer assistance and expertise with each step of the home selection process, provide quality products at a competitive rate, and keep you in budget and on schedule. Financial accountability, quality, and efficiency are core values of our company, allowing us to give you the home of your dreams on a cost-plus basis. 

What are the benefits of building vs. buying?

Spending tireless hours and months or even years looking for the perfect home is unnecessary, when a custom home build with Homes of Distinction is an option.  Check out this article on building vs. buying in our blog >>

What are unexpected costs I should look out for?

Upgrades are everywhere you look in the age of Pinterest and Houzz, but Homes of Distinction works hard to go over as many options as possible with our clients up front in the budgeting and design process to allow our clients to choose these items up front and still know what their final cost will be.  

How does the building process start?

Set up a consultation meeting with Homes of Distinction to get started.  We would love to hear about your project and dreams and tell you more about what we have to offer.  After the initial meeting we can write up the contract and meet to sign and get started on your design!  Any pictures you have or lists of wants are extremely helpful in the initial process to get us started.  

Will I come in over-budget?

Homes of Distinction works with our clients through the selection process during budgeting to allow the clients budget to be created from their desires instead of general builder allowances.  This allows us to nail down a highly accurate budget that takes the financial angst out of the building process while completing your home within budget.  

How long does it take to build a home?

From breaking ground on your project until completion generally takes about 5-7 months depending on the size and extent of your home project. Planning and design on your project can generally take anywhere from 2-4 months, so in less than a year Homes of Distinction can have most of our clients living their homes!

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