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Whether you're looking to grow your family, relocate, or downsize, the home buying process is an undertaking. The first question to ask yourself is, "buy or build?"

At first glance, buying a move-in-ready home seems like the cheaper, painless option for you. However, many clients have raved about the benefits of the long-term investment of building a home, as well as the ease and excitement of the process. Sure, buying a move-in-ready home may be a quicker option, but your likely increased, monthly energy costs combat the competitive price of your home after a few months! So you incur exponential costs over a longer period of time by choosing the quicker, move-in-ready home. And to top it all off, there's probably a big project of remodeling or finishing a room in your new home you hope to accomplish in 5 years.

On the other hand, building a home incurs the opposite reaction: a longer build time and fewer long-term energy and unexpected costs. Building a home with Homes of Distinction is much less strenuous than you could ever expect with our web-based construction management. Each item of your home can all be chosen in one location, our office. The selection process has changed from months of meetings to a couple of simple 2-hour meetings. Check out our Online Access tab for more information about the online client access system Homes of Distinction uses.

Homes of Distinction also has a great reputation of keeping each client on budget while delivering on your wish-list for your dream home. It's our priority of keeping you satisfied, enjoying the process, and delivering your dream home. And long-term costs practically disappear through your investment. Homes of Distinction cuts electricity costs to an average of $75 a month for all electricity! This includes heating, air, cooking, charging, etc. The 4-6 month home building construction process is worth the long-term investment.

Pursuing your dreams should never be a daunting process, especially not enough to let you settle for something less. Contact us to start pursuing your dream home.


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