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Building your own home may look like the cheaper, more effective option when looking at the process from a birds-eye-view. However, we have a different perspective of this process (as you could have guessed).

Some home improvement projects can be suitable for first time builders/homeowners, like new carpeting, finishing a basement, or minor remodels but these minor changes only cover a small portion of the stamina and expertise of building (or remodeling) a home. Even home improvement projects can be taxing on your finances, satisfaction, and mental health. Our remodeling business, Distinctive Renovations, can take care of your minor or major home improvement projects if you have any hesitations as a home improvement DIYer (do it yourself).

If you’re ready to build, let's start by looking at the reasons not to build your own home. There are far too many testimonies of DIYers experiencing major headaches, setbacks, and unexpected costs while building their own homes. Here are a few of the many possible problems you could encounter when building your own home:

  • Construction cost overruns

  • The best banks with the best rates require a builder or supervisor

  • Managing contractors to finish on time or to show up for work

  • Depleting your personal savings

  • The need to borrow more money

  • Loan extension penalties

  • The need to refinance your construction loan

  • Foreclosure

Now let's look at the benefits of building with a professional builder (Homes of Distinction).

  • We have more buying power than a homeowner. Our skilled subcontractors offer services at a premium rate as we provide the majority of their business.

  • Only skilled professionals can guarantee you will come in your budget when your home is complete. Homes of Distinction uses a web-based construction management system for every client. Our vice-president, Koby Bowen, implements her 20 years of experience by helping you make and record selections from every aspect of the house, keep track of your budget, and change or approve selections before a single screw is drilled in your new home. We are here to take the stress out of the selection process and the home building process as we offer you our expertise.

  • Our president, Jim Cooper, visits and manages each job sight every single day. Homeowners typically don’t have time to manage their home project as much as our team does. Our priority is keeping you satisfied before, during, and after the home building process.

  • We offer quality, premium products at a competitive rate based on the volume we purchase for 20+ projects a year. We offer you the discounted price we receive on each product (lighting, cabinets, flooring, windows, etc.). Since we work on a cost-plus basis, we give you the best discount we receive on products with full transparency and simply charge a consulting fee for our expertise and project management. Homeowners rarely receive a competitive discount on one product they buy, but never receive high discounts for each product in their home.

  • From breaking ground on your property to move-in day, our projects take 5-7 months to complete. We have spent over 20 years creating and developing this process, allowing us to prioritize your home building process more effectively.

When you consider building your own home, make sure you consider every cost that goes into the process before starting construction. When this becomes too daunting of a task, leave it to the professionals and we will make sure your dream home is a top priority.

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